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Helen’s Message

For the majority of us, we were pleased to close the door on 2020, our sights firmly set on 2021 and with it, the promise of a post pandemic world. Yet, as the year draws to an end, we have come to understand there is likely to be no real end to COVID at least not in the near future.

The virus is something we’re going to have to learn to live alongside; there will be no final divorce as we may have hoped.

However, through the challenges over the past two years, 2021 has proven to be a year of progress and growth.

It’s now widely believed that history will repeat itself and once again, there will be a ‘roaring 20’s.’ The decade of the 1920’s earned its name across parts of Europe and North America, not only for the decadency and boom in popular culture following the years of hardship during the first World War; but, it was also known as the roaring twenties for it’s political change, with huge strides made for women’s rights and for major advances in technology and science.

Here at the beginning of the 2020’s, we’ve seen powerful momentum for movements such as Black Lives Matter, Anti-Asian hate crime and climate protests. This year also brought healthcare inequality onto a global stage with the vast disparity between wealthy vs poorer countries during the vaccine rollouts. Humanity as a whole, has never been more informed, educated and equipped to tackle social injustice.

Mirroring the century before, we’ve also bore witness to huge advances in technology and science. Although the rollout has shown us great disparities in access to healthcare, the success and speed in finding vaccines for COVID-19 was unprecedented in history. Plus, we’ve made even more advances in space exploration, the NFT boom has revolutised the creative industry, Bitcoin hit all time highs in value and Metaverse is inching closer to mainstream adoption.

For us at Binance Charity, 2021 has seen continuing efforts to help countries still struggling in the pandemic, including a partnership with UNICEF to help in the largest vaccine equality initiative in history - the UN-led COVAX programme. We’ve welcomed the rise in NFT’s and partnered with Hollywood stars and world-renowned artists to turn creativity into meaningful causes. And, we’ve made our debut into the fight to protect our planet, launching our most ambitious project yet to plant 10 million trees worldwide. To name just a few...

Now as 2022 is but a matter of days away we prepare to push the boundaries of global giving even further. To embrace more emerging technologies and repurpose them to advance meaningful change and act as pioneers in the ‘New World’ of Metaverse. We’re going to double down our efforts around education and more than ever, we feel ready to harness the power of blockchain for good, as it’s only growing stronger.

With Love,

Helen Hai

Head of Binance Charity

Our Mission

We're Binance Charity, the first-ever blockchain-enabled transparent donation platform and our goal is to use blockchain technology to help advance the UN's 17 SDGs. We work to make global giving more transparent and address issues such as corruption, lack of trust in nonprofits, high global transfer fees, inefficient processes and lack of transparency in donor spending.
The Sustainable Development Goals are vast so to help us remain targeted in our approach to prioritise the ‘bottom billion’ and work on progressing financial inclusion through the use of cryptocurrency, this year we’ve introduced our five core pillars: Education for Strong Foundations, Healthy Bodies and Minds, Our Planet Our Legacy, Closing the Poverty Gap And Equal Futures Now.
  • Healthy Bodies and Minds
  • Equal Futures Now
  • Our Planet Our Legacy
  • Closing the Poverty Gap
  • Education for Strong Foundations

Our Impact So Far

Since launching in 2018

we’re proud of our progress

  • $8,598,649Total donated
  • 27Total projects
  • 1,847,993Total end beneficiaries
  • 42Amount of countries active

2021 Highlights

Read more about our 5 core pillars, which help drive our work on using blockchain to advance the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Healthy Bodies and MindsEqual Futures, NowOur Planet, Our LegacyClosing the Poverty GapEducation for Strong Foundations

Healthy Bodies and Minds

  • 4,677,458USD
  • 1,028,200Beneficiaries
  • 32Countries
Prior to the pandemic, a report by The Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems found that almost 6 million people die every year in developing countries due to poor quality healthcare.
Now, the health and wellbeing of people worldwide has never been on such a global stage as it is now. The pandemic has thrust into the spotlight issues such as mental health, equity and unequal access to healthcare and vaccines, as well as the rapid spread of viruses and disease due to globalisation.
We believe this shows us more than ever that we must take a united approach to ensure the health and wellbeing of all people, not divided as nations. And, we believe it is a fundamental human right to have access to basic healthcare, expert advice and quality treatment and vaccines.

Crypto Against COVID


Our Project

As we approach the 2 year mark of the COVID-19 outbreak it’s death toll now surpasses 5.1 million- on record - with experts fearing the real figure is closer to double that. It is a pandemic that has engulfed the world. This year we have remained focused on our Crypto Against COVID efforts, with more donations to India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Our Progress

Since Crypto Against COVID launched in January 2020 we’ve achieved:

• Over $5.6 million USD in crypto donations

• Helped provide more than 2 million items of PPE and medical equipment plus 500,000 vaccines

• We’ve donated to 31 countries worldwide

Efforts Across Asia

As India battled their most severe wave of COVID-19 infections killing upwards of 4,000 people a day, we teamed up with the Red Cross to source and deliver two liquid oxygen tanks, each one could help save 6,000 lives. Further to this, we delivered another donation consisting of 100,000 masks and 50 ICU ventilators to areas considered to be worst hit and still struggling.

For Indonesia, we sourced and supplied two liquid oxygen tanks - equating to 5,000 cylinders to Jakarta, Indonesia.

In Vietnam we donated a state-of-the-art PCR instrument, capable of processing 400 COVID tests per day and 10,000 masks for PPE. And as Vietnam continues to fight COVID-19, we made another donation, just last month (November) of two ventilators to help aid the demand for critical medical equipment.

Working with the Thai Red Cross we delivered 10 oxygen concentrators - totalling 2 million BAHT - to Chulalongkorn Hospital in Bangkok.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore extends our utmost appreciation and gratitude to Binance Charity Foundation and ChemGas for their amazing solidarity and support during this difficult time, with their donation of two ISO Tanks to help address the repercussions of the pandemic. They have showed their generous intention by stepping forward to facilitate the donation that will support hospitals in Indonesia to expand their oxygen care and treatment where needed. These two ISO Tanks, which are medical-grade non-invasive breathing aids, have been deployed by Indonesia’s Ministry of Health to provide additional support to hospitals to treat patients with respiratory conditions. Once again, Indonesia would like to express our most sincere gratitude for the generosity of Singapore Government, Binance Charity Foundation, ChemGas as well as the institutions here. We hope that these strong and sincere collaboration will continue going forward.

Indonesian Embassy-Singapore

Pensosbud Team

Hope for Haiti


Our Project

Following the catastrophic earthquake that claimed the lives of more than 1300 people and destroyed homes and livelihoods, we partnered with Hope for Haiti to deliver emergency aid. They have a trusted presence, having been working in southern Haiti for 30 years to resource and empower local leaders and support systems of education, healthcare, access to clean water, and economic opportunity.

Our Progress

Guided by their strong team we supported immediate, short-term, and long-term action plans and this we have achieved:

• 550 people directly received crypto to cash assistance

• An estimated total of 2,750 people indirectly benefited from the services our donation helped to provide

• Donated $50,000 USD crypto donation

Hope for Haiti is grateful to Binance Charity and the entire Binance Community for believing in our work and supporting our efforts to provide relief for those impacted by the 2021 Haiti earthquake. We’ll never forget your generosity, and we are inspired by our mutually held belief that crypto-philanthropy is going to help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Skyler Badenoch

CEO of Hope for Haiti

Hear From Our Partners

  • How has working with Binance Charity affected your organisation?

    This August, southern Haiti experienced a major earthquake that destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Haitian families. In the early days of our response, The Binance Charitable Foundation stepped up with a generous gift of 1.02 BTC ($50,000 USD). This transformational donation allowed our team to help provide relief to families during a very difficult period through our direct cash transfer program that redistributed cash directly to families affected by the earthquake.

  • What inspired you to work with Binance Charity?

    For many years, Hope for Haiti has been working to integrate crypto-philanthropy into our giving program. We’ve been long-time admirers of the work of Binance CEO, CZ, and the Binance Charity. We were inspired to work with Binance Charity because of this admiration and our belief that cryptocurrency can play a significant role in helping solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges including poverty, environmental degradation, inequality, and lack of access to basic human rights like education, healthcare, and clean water.

  • What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

    In the upcoming year, we are excited about growing our engagement with NFT artists to help raise awareness and support for our mission. This year, we hosted three different NFT charity auctions, and we believe that this is just the start of a revolutionary convergence of art, philanthropy, and technology.

  • What have been your greatest achievements this year?

    Our greatest achievements this year revolve around our response to the Haiti earthquake where we were able to procure $11 million in medication and medical supplies to support our relief efforts. Our team provided more than 18,000 medical consolations to people affected by the Haiti earthquake, and we distributed more than $250,000 in cash transfers to more than 2,500 families affected by the earthquake. Additionally, we distributed 7,000 backpacks full of school supplies to students at the start of their school year, and we provided more than 27,000 home water filters to families in rural Haiti.

  • What advice would you give to other organisations considering the adoption of cryptocurrency?

    We would advise other organizations to consider three things when it comes to crypto-philanthropy: (1) consider adopting a policy to accept cryptocurrency as a form of donation; (2) identify ways that your organization can pilot program use-cases supported by cryptocurrency or blockchain technology; and (3) Spend time learning about the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem to help understand how each might be able to help your organization address any problems you hope to help solve.

Equal Futures, Now

  • 1,060,000USD
  • 500,100Beneficiaries
  • 12Countries
Ensuring no one is left behind is our mantra at Binance Charity, it is also integral at achieving all 17 UN Sustainable Development goals and should form the core of the future we want to create.
Prejudice against all variations of inequality from gender to ethnicity to age to disabilites to sexual orientation, to relgion is rife across the world. While some are doing better than others, no single country has achieved true equality.
Equality is at the very essence of cryptocurrency. It’s intention is to level the playing field in terms of offering anyone regardless of nationality, gender, socio-economic status an entry to financial inclusion.
But we don’t stop at financial equality, we’re proud to work with partners and support projects tackling inequality in all forms.

Crypto For COVAX

Our Project

To bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end, a large percentage of the global population needs to be immune. The key to this, the vaccinations.

“Vaccine equity is the challenge of our time,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Vaccines are rapidly being rolled out. More than 7.75 billion doses have been administered across 184 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 33.2 million doses a day. Yet there is a huge disparity between high or upper middle-income countries vs low-income peers. Countries and regions with the highest incomes are getting vaccinated more than 10 times faster than those with the lowest.

Our Progress

We started 2021 with a $1 million USD donation to UNICEF towards the UN-led COVAX vaccine equality programme.

We’re proud to say we doubled our original goal of vaccinating 250,000 people and actually contributed to 500,000 people receiving vaccinations across 11 countries.

COVAX Deliveries Our Donation Contributed Towards

COVID-19 will most likely remain one of our most pressing challenges in the foreseeable future. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives, destroy livelihoods and stunt economic recovery in low and medium income countries, teams across UNICEF will continue to work tirelessly on the ground to further scale up our responses as no one is safe until everyone is safe.There is only one way to end the pandemic and prevent the emergence of new and stubborn variants and that is by working together for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines globally.

Sandra Visscher

Executive Director, Luxembourg Committee for UNICEF

Hear From Our Partners

  • How do you think blockchain can help advance your organisation’s mission?

    The emergence of cryptocurrencies has created the opportunities for new partnerships, unlocking new resources for children. The use of blockchain technology could further increase the efficiency and transparency of the allocation of donations, as 100% of transactions could be publicly viewable and the transfer of assets could take place nearly instantly.

  • What are your greatest challenges? Can blockchain help with these?

    New programme opportunities leveraging the use of blockchain technology could include micropayments to young people and families, innovative financing schemes related to education and health outcomes, and much more. We are only at the very beginning and it’s exciting to think of the possibilities that can help improve children’s lives.

  • What have been your greatest achievements this year?

    Over the course of the year, we have gained valuable knowledge around digital assets, the opportunities and challenges they represent and what these technologies could achieve in the context of UNICEF’s work for children. Thanks to our partners, we also have raised sizable donations from the crypto community, which has proven to be very generous. This is especially true during the pandemic and particularly in the context of our worldwide COVAX initiative (COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access), which aims at ensuring equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines for everyone.

  • What advice would you give to other organisations considering the adoption of cryptocurrency?

    Take some time to reflect on the potential impact. If you are to adapt digital currencies, what would it look like and how could you make it work towards your goals. As the Luxembourg Committee for UNICEF has learned, the best way is to take a phased approach toward the use of cryptocurrencies by starting small and slowly and then gradually increasing the size and complexity of crypto transactions.

Code to Inspire


Our Project

We’ve partnered with Code to Inspire to launch a three month pilot project to fund and support young women in Afghanistan, who have lost their jobs as a result of the Taliban takeover, through computer education.

On August 15th Taliban forces took control of Afghanistan, they promised to respect women’s rights to continue going to school and work. However, evidence and reports from Afghans on the ground shows that Taliban’s policy hasn't changed regarding women’s activities outside home from what they implemented in the 90s. This means many women are unable to continue education or work, which has led to families where the women were the main breadwinner facing financial crisis.

Our Progress

According to data collected by Code to Inspire, the average monthly living cost in Afghanistan is around $200 per month. Our project is supporting 100 students and their families ( average of 5 people per family) by providing this monthly income to pay rent and medical bills, purchase food and Internet, whilst the young women can focus on their studies.

We’re supporting them in opening Trust Wallets, to which BUSD - a stable coin pegged with USD - will be directly transferred. Students can convert BUSD to local currency at local money exchanges. This will help overcome financial inclusion barriers these young women are facing such as banks not operating normally or even not having a bank account.

Being born as a refugee, I learned great things can start with empty hands. As a technologist and educator I understood the importance of being a digital citizen of the world. Digital citizens can undermine the geographical boundaries, especially women living in underserved oppressive systems where their physical and financial freedom is being threatened or compromised.With the recent Taliban take over and witnessing history repeating itself, I am more certain that the liberation of Afghan women is mainly possible through technology education, keeping their identity private and enabling them to connect to the global economy through cryptocurrency.

Fereshteh Forough

Founder and CEO of Code to Inspire

Hear From Our Partners

  • How did your partnership with Binance Charity begin?

    After the Taliban took over Afghanistan this August and banned girls/women's education and work. Majority of our graduates/students who were the main breadwinner of the family lost their jobs, facing food insecurity, medical assistance and not being able to pay rent and other basic necessities. To help our students and their families during this tragic time we reached out to Binance charity to seek support in a fast and secure way that our students receive the fund first hand.Binance charity sponsored 100 students of our school with cash assistance for three months so that they can continue their education and be able to survive during this humanitarian crisis that’s happening in Afghanistan where half of the population is facing severe starvation

  • What inspired you to work with Binance Charity?

    Binance Charity and Code to Inspire Share common values regarding improving gender equality through investing in quality education. We stand against inequality and work to make a sustainable ecosystem through innovative ideas using blockchain as a tool to empower individuals to gain financial freedom.

  • How do you think blockchain can help advance your organization’s mission?

    At Code to Inspire we empower women in Afghanistan by helping them learn technical skills and pursue careers. Even once students have those skills, being paid and protecting their savings can be challenging. Blockchain technology like Bitcoin ensures we have a way for students and staff to send, receive, and save money even if traditional banking infrastructure is unavailable. We see the blockchain as leveling the playing field, removing middlemen, gatekeepers, and unfairness to finally allow anyone to participate in the economy.

  • What advice would you give to other organizations considering the adoption of cryptocurrency?

    Don't let adopting cryptocurrency feel too intimidating. Thanks to all of the solutions that have become available in recent years, adopting crypto can be easy and not require advanced technical knowledge. Whether it's reducing fees on payments, diversifying your organization's treasury assets, or even raising awareness of your organization to a whole new segment of users, there are numerous potential benefits to embracing this new technology.

Our Planet, Our Legacy

  • 658,884USD
  • 355,084Trees
  • 27Countries
Nature is our legacy to our children and their children to come. Yet, the natural world is in crisis at the hands of us.
All around us we’re witnessing the very real consequences of relentlessly taking from our planet. Wildlife populations have seen a 60% decline across a 40 year period and are facing a sixth mass extinction. Extreme weather events wreaking havoc, death and destruction across every continent, have become a normal occurrence. It’s reported that an average of over 20 million people have to leave their homes each year as a result of these extreme weather events.
Worse still, Australian think tank IEP predicts that by 2050 there will be at least 1.2 billion climate refugees.
We have the solutions, now we need to act.
We believe that there can be no true development without making it sustainable and suitable for people everywhere and the rich biodiversity that we share our planet with.

Tree Millions

Our Project

The health of our planet is our legacy to generations still to come. This year we wanted to launch an environmental project to match our passion for the planet; introducing Tree Millions - our most ambitious project yet to plant 10 million trees worldwide, launched in September. However, it all started in celebration of Earth Day 2021, when we issued a new cryptocurrency called TREE on Binance Smart Chain and donated $1 million AUD to help restore Australia’s forests following the infamous bushfires.

Our Progress

In just a few months since launching we are active in 27 countries, spanning every continent. We’re working with three different execution partners and have an alliance of 25 members and counting - all pledging their commitment to Tree Millions. Together, we have already planted more than 350,000 trees.

The crypto community has grown very quickly with few people really understanding how it works or what it can do. I’m not an expert on this topic but appreciate how Binance Charity is harnessing this technology and popularity to do some good in the world... So thank you for your support and contribution, now let’s get our hands in the dirt.

Matt Hill

President and Chief Environmental Evangelist

Together with you we can change the world even faster and more effectively, since cryptocurrency is a progressive system. With you, we learned in practice how super quick and easy it is. Charity acquires a totally different shape and dynamic, when it comes out from a digital world.

Oksana Butramiieva

CEO of Mama Saves the Planet

Hear From Our Partners

  • What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

    Some of our key objectives for 2022 include 1. Expanding our urban forestry program to support tree equity and environmental justice. Planting trees in urban environments will create greater access to green space to communities that need it most, and provide the benefits of trees such as cleaner air, health, and a space for kids to experience nature. 2. Developing our suite of monitoring technology in order to show the immediate and long-term impacts of reforestation, and growing our drones program which provides training to local partners on the ground in order to scale our global forest monitoring capabilities. And 3. Further growing our reforestation projects to support the ecological restoration of forests and the greater vision of a healthier and more sustainable planet.

  • How would you like to see this partnership develop?

    Binance Charity has committed to supporting a wide range of reforestation projects across many different landscapes, focusing on where trees are needed most in order to have the greatest possible impact for the environment. This partnership has the potential for a truly global ecological restoration benefit. From the high Andes Polylepis forests to the Albertine Rift in Africa, from wildfire recovery to habitat expansion for biodiversity, the ultimate impact will be far-reaching and long-lasting.

Closing the Poverty Gap

  • 1,425,984USD
  • 15,083Beneficiaries
  • 5Countries
Last year worldwide extreme poverty rose for the first time in almost 20 years. In January 2021, the Worldbank estimated that the pandemic will push between 119 and 124 million people into extreme poverty around the globe in 2020.
Poverty disproportionately affects the world’s women and youth, creating yet another barrier in efforts to achieve gender equality, zero hunger, and ensuring children receive the education they need to improve their futures. Poverty also goes hand in hand with poor health and higher mortality rates.
Financial inclusion is one tool to help close the poverty gap. Cryptocurrency is uniquely placed to help offer solutions to financial inclusion. Approximately 1.7 billion individuals lack access to formal financial services - making it difficult or impossible to receive pay, pay bills, send money to loved ones or apply for mortgages and loans. However, most of these people do have access to mobile phones, and anyone can open a crypto wallet with just a smartphone. Therefore, cryptocurrencies have the potential to level the playing field by offering financial solutions irrespective of nationalities, gender and social-economic status.

Mama to the Rescue


Our Project

To this day, not a single country has yet achieved gender equality. Upskilling women, supporting entrepreneurship and leadership in business is key to helping fight inequality.

This year we launched our first female entrepreneurship project, Mama To The Rescue, which was designed to help rebuild the Kenyan economy while empowering women with new, sustainable, technical skills. We partnered with Tech+Love Foundation to raise money for new sewing machines so they could launch the #SewMasksForAll campaign, helping to produce important PPE, whilst also securing an income.

Our Progress

• $20,000 USD raised

• 10 brand new sewing machines donated

• 10 female entrepreneurs supported

Berkeley Lab for Inclusive FinTech and Big Ideas

In the fall of 2021, as part of our ongoing partnership with UC Berkeley we gifted $100K USD to the Lab for Inclusive FinTech (LIFT), a soon-to-be-launched initiative of the Institute for Business and Social Impact to support Big Ideas at Berkeley, an annual innovation contest. Hosted by the Blum Center it provides funding, training, networks, and recognition to interdisciplinary teams of students who have transformative solutions to real-world problems. Students at all 10 University of California campuses are eligible to participate and are supported throughout the process of developing their ideas. We’re specifically supporting teams of social entrepreneurs working on Fintech and Blockchain empowered solutions.
Binance Lift Initiative: Blockchain for Social Good
Powered by Big Ideas

Our Progress

• A $1 million USD donation to the Berkeley Lab for Inclusive FinTech for research and development. The Lab is led by the Institute for Business and Social Impact (IBSI) at Berkeley Haas in collaboration with the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), and the Blum Center for Developing Economies.
• An additional $100K USD donation to LIFT in support of Big Ideas at Berkeley.

VSLA Crypto to Cash Assistance

Millions of women and men across Africa participate in savings groups, consisting of years or decades of weekly savings, lending, borrowing, and collective investment. And yet, most of these groups do not use formal financial services, meaning their hard earned savings are subjected to only low-return, low security options, despite the potential and desire to achieve more. These groups are called Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs).

Working with CARE, we’re supporting poverty stricken communities, who face even more adversity as a result of COVID-19. Through these savings groups, we’re empowering vulnerable people to grow opportunities and work together to improve their lives. We’ll be opening cryptocurrency wallets to established VSLAs and with an injection of crypto vouchers people will be able to invest in growing their enterprises.

Our Progress

• Seed funding donation of almost $245,000

• Helping 6,084 vulnerable people on economic recovery from COVID-19

• Pilot project in Kenya

Fight Hunger Worldwide

Hunger is a global issue, worsened by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re working with our network to tackle this at a local level. We’ve raised $68,350 to help run food distribution projects in Morocco, Nigeria and France and have helped 14,949 of people.


Education for Strong Foundations

  • 288,122USD
  • 6,493Beneficiaries
  • 960,406Meals
Education underpins all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is critical to escape poverty and is at the very heart of everything we do at Binance Charity.
There has been major progress over the past decade in increasing access to education but the COVID-19 pandemic threatens this; never before had so many children been out of school at the same time.
The real impact of this unprecedented disruption to global learning is yet to be known, but it's estimated that over 100 million additional children will fall below the minimum proficiency level in reading as a direct result.
It’s clear that now more than ever, we must ensure every child has access to education. And, where we can, we must strive to break the bounds of traditional education and advocate for learning that encourages innovative thinking around technology, environmental and shared respect of cultures.
The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The education they receive will build the foundations of their actions.

Lunch for Children

Our Project

Lunch for Children is one of our flagship programs. Hunger is the No. 1 health risk in the world — killing more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. By simply providing lunch, which costs as little as $0.30 for one meal for one child, we can give them a chance at securing the education they need for a brighter future. We open crypto wallets to families on behalf of the children, which allows beneficiaries to exchange BNB, BTC and ETH with food suppliers. Not only does this give the families control over their finances but it also means the entire process is recorded on the chain and totally accountable.

Our Progress

Our Lunch for Children programme and those benefiting from it greatly suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but we continued fundraising efforts and this year alone still managed to provide meals to more than 1600 students and their families. We look forward to running the programme again as it relaunches at full strength next year.

Hear From Our Partners

  • How has working with Binance Charity affected your organisation?

    Working with Binance Charity, has enabled Tech Plus Love Foundation, to achieve one of its major objectives, which is to improve the standards of living for children and local communities through the power of technology. We’ve managed to achieve this through the Binance Lunch for children programme, where more than 6000 students and staff in Uganda, have been able to have daily local food meals while at school. Through blockchain technology crypto wallets are created for each beneficiary so they can receive the transfer of donation. This provides transparency and accountability which fosters trust in the organisation from stakeholders, beneficiaries and the community.

  • How would you like to see this partnership develop?

    For the past two years, we’ve worked together to better the lives of thousands of people across Uganda as part of the Lunch for Children project. This has only been possible through blockchain and Binance Charity. I would love to see the partnership expand not only by scaling up the food programme but also introducing other educational projects that help empower children to reach their potential through technology.

  • What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

    During this year, the education system in Uganda has been greatly affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Schools have been closed for most of the time in the year. Many people have not been able to receive the support they normally would when the schools are in operation. This has had a great impact on their lives and their families, especially for their most basic need for food. In the year ahead, schools across the country are expected to open again and with it, the return of our Lunch for Children programme. We are also expecting new students to register at school and we look forward to welcoming them for the first time to our programme.

  • What have been your greatest achievements this year?

    Despite school closure due to the pandemic, the organisation has been able to still support some students, their families and the community. After schools were closed earlier this year, the program was put on a hold. Basic food items which had been delivered to schools, were stored and later distributed to communities living near the schools, this meant we were able to help almost 500 people by redistributing basic food items.

  • What’s been your greatest learning since our partnership began?

    Now more than ever, we are deeply aware of the importance of transparency in NGO projects. Technological progress may bring about new challenges in the initial stage, but it will have a positive impact in the long run.

NFT for Good

9Charitable Auctions

The launch of NFT For Good a rolling campaign partnering with Hollywood stars and world famous artists to promote creativity with cause

The boom in NFT’s has seen unprecedented success, it has revolutionized the art industry and given back power to the creators. With this hot trend has also come a lucrative and exciting fundraising opportunity. In April we launched our NFT for Good campaign bringing world class artists together to ‘give back’ through the medium of digital art. Using Binance’s leading NFT Marketplace, each artist donates a percentage of their sales to projects dedicated to tackling our most challenging social and environmental issues.

This year we’ve held 9 NFT for Good auctions raising over $161,010 for charity. Top names include: Djimon & Laulu, Maye Mask and Jon Burgerman.

I believe the joys of childhood are to learn, explore, discover and weld your imagination with energy and abandon, and all those things are impossible to do when you’re starving.

Jon Burgerman


Artist - Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman's art has been exhibited all over the world, including in the White House.It's his belief that through simple creative acts people can change not only their world but the world around them.

Through the art of NFT, Jon is supporting Lunch for Children, a flagship project for Binance Charity .

Our Partners

From Binance Charity with love

Our Vision for 2022

From great adversity comes great strength; 2022 is not just about rebuilding, it's more than that, it’s about redefining.
The pandemic has torn apart the status quo, meaning we can pick up the pieces and put it back together our own way. There has been a fundamental shift in the way people live their everyday lives from travel to work to play; the new norm, and this has a ripple effect across all industries including charity.
People have less patience for archaic, traditional practices. The world has changed and charities need to keep ahead of the trends or face becoming irrelevant. Emerging technologies such as Metaverse, NFTs are becoming more mainstream, and with it the adoption of cryptocurrency. It is no longer enough to fundraise in the real world, philanthropy must be targeted to the digital worlds too.
The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly apparent and not just in smaller island communities but major cities. There has never been a stronger understanding of the connection between the planet and people, yet it is still not strong enough. We can’t hope to just offer solutions to hunger, when the child’s home is burning.
And of course, the next 12 months will be critical in truly understanding the full impact of COVID-19 on extreme poverty, healthcare systems, the hunger and malnutrition index and economies worldwide.
It’s clear that now more than ever the world needs transparent, accountable and honest global giving solutions. We’ll be doubling down on efforts on our five core pillars: Education for Strong Foundations, Healthy Bodies and Minds, Equal Futures Now, Closing the Poverty Gap and Our Planet Our Legacy; working to scale up current projects as well as launch new more ambitious ones. We’re uniquely positioned to act as pioneers in both virtual and real realities and above all, we’ll be underpinning our work with investments in research, development and education of financial inclusion and using blockchain for good.
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