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10 Million Trees Worldwide

Tree Millions is our promise to our planet

The health of our planet is our legacy to generations still to come.

Be part of our most ambitious project yet to help restore the earth’s forests and build a greener future.

Why We Care

  • 46%

    Of the world’s forests are already destroyed

  • 80%

    Of the world’s terrestrial animals and plants live in forests, if we lose the forests we also lose them

  • 1.6 Billion

    People rely of forests for their livelihoods

Our Progress

We know the natural world is in crisis. Trees are critical in the battle against climate change and an essential part in keeping balance to our fragile ecosystems that provide life on earth. As a step towards a greener future for all, we've launched the Tree Millions Alliance.
10 million trees is an ambitious goal, with your help we have already achieved all this.
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Donate. Plant. Protect

  • Simply join us by making a donation of $20 or more and we’ll send you a special NFT certificate.

  • Be part of the world's largest NFT tree planting project.

  • 100% of proceeds go directly to our global tree planting movement.

About Your Tree NFT Certificate

You can track the trees planted on your Tree NFT certificate and can also plant them in the metaverse! See more at FAQ.

“I chose the African Baobab tree as my design for its super long life span and value to local communities, but most importantly, it's in danger due to climate change and human development. As a nature lover, I love trees. It filters the water we drink and the air we breathe. There is no forest without trees and there is no life without trees. Trees are the true life giver.”

--- Carina Chen, Voxel Artist and Creator of this NFT


How does Tree Millions work?

The Tree Millions project aims to plant 10 million trees worldwide to help mitigate the impacts of decades of deforestation and the worsening climate crisis.

The premise is simple: Donate, Plant, Protect.

Donate: After you make a donation you will be asked to supply us with your Binance ID. Once we have received this we will send you an NFT certificate minted with the details of the trees planted as a result of your donation. You can use these details to track and trace your saplings.

Plant: We are working with established and trusted execution partners, who are working tirelessly to plant trees around the world. Our partners adhere to our stringent policies to ensure we can deliver on our transparency promises.

Protect: Forests are the lungs of the planet. Trees play a vital role in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, regulate the flow of water and the earth’s temperature as well as providing homes and livelihoods for billions of people and wildlife. By planting trees and restoring forests we are helping to protect our planet.

How can I support the Tree Millions initiative as an individual?

a. Simply make a donation via https://www.binance.charity/Protect-Our-Planet

b. Participate in our NFT for Good auction campaign

c. Share our project on social media and help us fundraising, remember to follow our journey in reaching 10 million trees planted by 2025 and tell your friends!

How much of my donation will go to Tree Millions project?

100% of your donation will be donated to one of our project execution partners. Binance Charity keeps nothing.

How can I get an NFT to track the trees I planted?

Simply make a donation of over $20 USD, and input your Binance User ID (UID) during the donation process. Once we have received your donation we will send the NFT to your Binance account within 30 days after the trees are planted. You can log in to your Binance NFT account via https://www.binance.com/en/nft to check your NFT, minted with the information of the trees your donation has helped us plant.

How can I plant the NFT in Metaverse?

​​Binance is one of the largest land owners on Sandbox and we are currently in the process of developing our Metaverse experience. In the coming future, you will be able to withdraw your Tree NFT from Binance NFT into your decentral Wallet such as MetaMask. Once transferred successfully to your wallet you will be able to deposit your Tree NFT and plant in the Binance Forest on Sandbox. This virtual forest is a visualization of the real world scale and impact of Tree Millions and its supporters.

What happens if I donate less than $20?

Your donation will still go towards Tree Millions and make a difference. However, you won’t receive an NFT certificate with the information to track tree planting efforts.

This is simply because we are not able to create 10 million NFTs for each tree therefore we have to put a minimum cap at $20.

You can still follow our progress and know that you’ve played an important part in helping us reach 10 million trees.

How can I check my forest/tree location on the NFT?

Each NFT certificate will be minted with the details of saplings assigned to your donation. These details will correlate with information found on the Tree Millions webpage, which tracks tree planting efforts from our project execution partners. You will be able to find the location, species of your trees and the date of planting on the NFT.

How can I see my donation records?

Every donation made to the Tree Millions project will be recorded on the webpage with a unique transaction ID.

How many trees do I need to plant to offset my carbon footprint?

Everybody has a different carbon footprint which takes into consideration many variables such as location, job, diet, wealth etc. There are many tools available online to calculate yours. It’s also important to remember that you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

According to our partners Onetreeplanted.org, a single mature tree can absorb 48lbs. of carbon a year, and makes enough clean oxygen for 4 people to breathe fresh air. So you can use this and an online tool to make your own personal calculation.

However to give you an idea, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's 2017 analysis (via their now defunct Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center) the average American emits around 16.2 metric tons of CO2 from fossil fuels each year. To offset that, they would need to plant around 8-10 trees per year.

How can I become a Tree Millions Alliance member?

We welcome everyone to be a supporter of the Tree Millions Alliance through donating and sharing about the project. However, only corporations can become a Tree Millions Alliance Member.

Where can I find more information on the execution partners planting the trees?

Confirmed partners are listed on our website.

Our Tree Millions Alliance

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